Aging Cider FTW

Just wanted to post a quick update to a cider I brewed in early Fall 2013. I had a cider that tasted kinda pungent, kinda funky and hard a sharp yeasting bite. Instead of writing it off as a badly brewed cider I let it age out for 8 months. I just popped one open tonight and let me tell you, this has to be one of the best ciders I’ve brewed. I truly believe that aging is key. So just a heads up to anyone that has brewed what they think might be a bad tasting cider, give it 8 months or so and it can definitely make 180 degree turn around! Cheers and happy brewing!

Finished up a few ciders this weekend!

I had quite a few projects this weekend. One of which was finish building a Kegerator, second was racking the experimental hopped cider, and third was to keg the Musselmans hard cider. I’m working on creating a “how to build a Kegerator” guide here:

The guide is a work in progress and will be completed as time goes on. But for now there is a rough draft up..

Here is a photo of the finished kegerator from this weekends project:

magic chef kegerator


Next I racked the experimental “Thing 1″ cider into is secondary and dry hopped it with cascade hops. I think this will turn out pretty good! Of course I had to Sample a little. The Dry malt light and medium along with the Crystal 60 and apple cider is quite a combo. Taste like a beer with natural apple flavoring more than anything. The hops should bring it to Apple Cider IPA. lol.

Finally I did my first kegging with the  Musselsmans hard cider. It turned out great! I racked it into the corny keg and gave it around 30PSI for 24 hours. Tonight I got to sample it and let me tell you, it was great!!!! And of course no sediment! Thats one of the great benefits of kegging. Plus you can make it as carbonated as you want. You could even make a cider champagne….hmmmm now thats an idea! Anyways it turned out delicious! Cheers!

Kegging hard cider DSC_0177

To-do list: Pick up kegging equipment..Check

I’m pretty excited today. I picked up the last of my kegging equipment. Had the CO2 canister filled and have all the components ready to go. Planning on do this over the weekend!..more coming soon..

Also heads up anyone wants a good setup CO2 canister w/ tap for kegerator:

Last one on eBay from this seller. I offered $75 and he accepted my offer. Last one!

^^Someone won the above auction, heck of a deal!^^ Anyone on here??


Perfect day to rack! ..Also go St. Louis Cardinals!

It’s a rainy Saturday here in Missouri! I’m racking my cider into the secondary fermenters today and watching the STL Cardinals win against the Cubs!  This afternoon I’ve racked the musselmans cider and the fresh pressed cider into their glass homes where they can live for the next three weeks. Of course I had to sample the brews also! Both taste pretty good coming out of the primary fermenters. I ended up using xylitol for the musselmans, but not for the fresh pressed since it turned out so sweet. I’ve been giving more and more consideration on what to do for the final product. I think this is the year I’ll be attempting to keg a cider! I’ve been perusing eBay trying to find a good setup and in all honesty it’s not to difficult to do. If I find a good setup I’ll create a new page on the site to document how to keg it. Maybe it’ll help someone out, who knows!  I think the hardest part on figuring out the kegging is where to store the keg to cool it, chill it, tap it. Should I build a kegerator? Put it in my kitchen, garage, spare bedroom, where is a good spot? I don’t want it to be obtrusive and just sitting in the middle of my house. lol  I know we would use it but just not all the time! We’re hosting Thanksgiving this year so it would come in handy for that. Hmmmmm…….

5 gallons of Hopped Apple Cider. Done.

Just finished my first experimental batch of Hopped up Hard Cider .  I have it racked into its primary and am ready for the two weeks of bubbling. I believe this is going to turn out great! I am very curious how mixing dry malt extract and apple cider will turn out.

I have the hopped hard cider recipe posted under experiments here:

I was going to boil the hops along with the dry malt extract and grains but decided against it because of my IPA not turning out so well last year. I will put the cascade hops into the secondary.